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Army Testing A Uniform Change At Fort Hood: Rolled Sleeves On Army Combat Uniforms

June 17, 2016

On Thursday, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley announced that soldiers will now be able to roll their sleeves on the Army Combat Uniform, following a ten day pilot at Fort Hood.


The Army plans on continuing the change following the ten day pilot.

“Feedback from soldiers resulted in us wanting to do a trial over the next 10 days to see the feasibility of updating [Army Regulation] 670-1 and incorporating these changes in the future to give commanders flexibility in wear based upon their unit’s mission,” Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk, an Army spokesman, told Army times.

The Marine Corps has been allowed to roll their sleeves in the summer, but the popular uniform rule change never spread to the Army. Former Commandant General Jim Amos banned rolling sleeves up back in 2011 but it was reversed in 2014.

The Army has not permitted rolled up sleeves since the Battle Dress Uniform was replaced by the Army Combat Uniform in 2005. Officials said that the uniform wasn’t designed to have rolled up sleeves. The camouflage on the uniform at the moment does not have to face outwards, which is what used to be required under the Battle Dress Uniform.

The Army explained the reason for not rolling soldiers sleeves up was to protect the skin on soldiers forearms from insects, sun rays and others potential harmful things.

The update to the AR-670-1, which lays out the rules to the “Wear And Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia,” could be an exciting change for those that want that extra relief on hot summer days, especially those that serve in countries that are incredibly hot.