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Watch To Answer The Question “How Bulletproof Is Bulletproof Glass?”

May 03, 2016

Watch to see just how strong bulletproof glass is. These guys use a whole variety of firearms and bullets to shoot through the glass such as a 10mm auto, .223 Remington, and a .308 Winchester.


The ballistic glass is level III rated which means that it is able to withstand up to 3 shots of a .44 magnum. There are 8 levels of bulletproof glass. As the levels go up, so does the durability and thickness of the glass.

Bulletproof glass with this level is often used in such places as convenience stores, courthouses, credit unions and banks because these are places where rifles are unlikely to be used to break through the glass.


Do you think places such as banks and credit unions have higher level bulletproof glass? Tell us in the comments below!