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Watch (HD) What This Paratrooper Does To Free Himself When His Chute Gets Stuck In A Tree

May 24, 2016

Ever find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place? What about dangling from a parachute dozens of feet above the ground? If you answered “No” to both of those questions then you are much luckier than the paratrooper featured in the video below.


This U.S. Army paratrooper finds himself stuck in a tree during a training exercise after paying a little too much attention to his GoPro and not enough attention to where he is going to land. He dangles helplessly for a while before deciding to use his auxiliary chute to escape from this precarious situation. See how he lands himself in the tree and how he escapes in the video below!


How would you have escaped from this situation? Share your strategy in the comment section below!