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(VIDEO) Childless Woman Honored As Mother Of The Year For Daringly Grabbing Gun From A Chicago Youth

May 09, 2016

A Chicago woman is being honored as mother of the year for taking a fake gun, that she believed to be real at the time, from a child walking through her Chicago neighborhood. On Mother’s Day worshipers of the sanctuary of Sweet Holy Spirit Church honored Stacie Davis for selflessly disarming an 11-year-old boy patrolling her street.


Davis and a friend were driving through their neighborhood when they noticed an 11-year-old boy stuffing what they believed to be a pistol in his pants. Davis drove around the block and confronted the boy, ultimately confiscating the ultra-realistic fake handgun. Davis’ friend recorded the encounter and uploaded it to youtube. The video quickly went viral and can be seen below.

According to Davis the toy gun she confiscated had the words Smith and Wesson imprinted on it, a clip that came out and a safety that also “came out” which gave it almost impossible to discern from an actual gun. Davis states that she didn’t think she just acted. In the video she can be heard telling the child:

“This is how kids get shot. Why you walking with this?”

The church believes that what what Davis did took both courage and an outstanding concern for her community. They believe that her actions may have prevented the boy, or someone else entirely, from becoming the victims of gun violence. Walking around Chicago’s south side with a realistic toy gun could easily lead the boys to be attacked by local gang members or police officers who may confuse the toy for an actual firearm. They have decided to honor her as “mother of the year” despite Davis not having any children of her own.

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