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VICE Goes Inside The Michigan Militia

May 17, 2016

Prepare for a look inside the Michigan Militia. Ben Makuch, an investigative journalist for VICE, take us inside the Michigan Militia to ask the question: Are militia groups a threat to American citizens? Let us tell you – no they aren’t.


Ben Makuch even admits that he thinks militias are “totally insane.” Ben, as a Canadian, which is a country that is still technically under authority from a made up Queen in England; Canadians don’t really have a concept of the freedom Americans enjoy and the U.S. Constitution.

Regardless of your opinion on militia groups this documentary provides a look at the people that choose to join militia groups, why those people choose join militia groups and how these groups function and hone their skills. Do these groups present a threat to the average citizen or are they the only thing standing between the people and government? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

While obviously slightly biased Ben is just a young kid and like most young kids haven’t had the life experience to understand the lines of freedom, tyranny, government overreach and the dynamics that make militias so important, and necessary today.

Ben was ordered by the Canadian courts to hand over chat logs between him and an ISIS fighter – most likely communicating for a story. So we’ll see where he stands on all this stuff in a few years as he matures.


Do you think that right-wing militias pose a threat to citizens?