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Watch a US Army officer return from a 400-day 5th deployment to surprise his mother and daughters

Soldier surprises daughters and his mother after 400 day deployment (Redeemed Productions - Wedding Videography & Photo/YouTube)
May 20, 2016

Check out this emotional reunion between U.S. Army Warrant Officer Jimmy Talbot and his three daughters and mother on May 11, 2016. He left on his fifth deployment the very same day his daughter left for college.

His return came 400 days later.

He landed in Tulsa, Okla. the day prior to the reunion, but had to keep quiet because of the long day ahead.

(Redeemed Productions – Wedding Videography & Photo/YouTube)

Talbot’s wife Laura got word that he would be coming home early from his fifth deployment, so she decided to schedule an unexpected reunion between her husband, his three daughters and his own mother.

Each emotional reunion was captured on video by local production company Redeemed Productions, etching the memory into a keepsake.

Take a look below:

It’s off to the school to surprise the first daughter, Taylor, who is completely clueless to what’s next. She is just sitting in the cafeteria, awaiting a special guest per the announcement of the school assembly. Once the guest is asked to come forward, Taylor looks around with the rest of the crowd to see who it is.

She sees that it’s her dad and buries her face in her hands and weeps. Talbot walks up to her and she stands to embrace him.

Now its time to see daughter number two. She was also at school but there wasn’t any introduction here. She looks up and spots her dad. She is speechless but when she finally finds the words, she says “you’re not supposed to be here yet.” It’s emotional and filled with tears and hugs.

Time to surprise Talbot’s mom. As she talks about how worried she is about him, and how she depends on him from time to time, he walks through the door. “Where did you come from?” she asks through immediate tears. They embrace and it’s clear that even Talbot is brought to tears by their reunion.

(Redeemed Productions – Wedding Videography & Photo/YouTube)

Talbot finds his final daughter at Walmart. She sees him from a distance and runs across the store to hug him. She leaps into his arms and cries tears of joy.

Redeemed Productions Cinematographer Paige Bargas said, “There was definitely a lot of emotion in each surprise. It was actually a little hard for us to film, as we had to stay focused and try to not get emotional ourselves. We are extremely grateful to have been a part of this exciting day, and even more grateful to have Jimmy fight for our country,” ABC 13 News reported.