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U.S. Citizens Take Responsibility For Mexican Border Patrol

May 26, 2016

The southern border of the United States has become an increasingly hot-button issue as the 2016 presidential approaches. While politicians are arguing over the best way to secure the border, whether or not building a fence to keep illegal immigrants out is “racist” and whether or not a border fence is economically feasible U.S. citizens are putting their personal lives on hold to do what these politicians cannot seem to do. A group of 45 American citizens gathered at Nogales, Arizona to prevent drugs and illegal immigrants from crossing the border and entering the United States.


The group was comprised of 45 people from all over the U.S. Alabama, North Carolina and Colorado were all represented by these citizens who camped out and patrolled the border for 10 days. They organized the stakeout on social media sites like Facebook and were united by their common love for their country and the desire to protect it.

The group is frustrated by the government’s inability to secure the border and wanted to volunteer their time to help the cash and resource strapped agencies that patrol the Mexican-American border. One group leader from Colorado, who chooses to go by the cryptic name Ghost, stated to Fox News:

“We’re a sovereign country, yet these guys cross this border like it’s nothing. Like it’s not even there. Trump talks about building a wall, we’re the wall right now,”

The group is passionate about their cause but remain realistic in their approach. They understand the inherent danger of guarding the border and have a healthy amount of fear of the violent Mexican cartels that traffic drugs to and from America. The Drug Enforcement Agency reports that Mexican drug traffickers are the greatest criminal threat to our country. Rather than engage these potentially dangerous thugs the group plans to act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the border patrol. Alerting them to potential crossings and recovering hidden stashes of illicit drugs. Ghost stated to Fox News:

“You do not have the ability to go out and start detaining people, tying people up, handcuffing people, chasing people and tackling them down and holding them for Border Patrol.”

The group knows that the effect they have on the number of border crossings is minimal but vow to never give up on their mission. They are already planning additional trips to help secure our borders. Future missions include a return operation to Nogales, as well as trips to New Mexico and Texas.


Do you think the group will be effective in their attempts to patrol the border? Sound off in the comment section below!