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The top 10 most brutal fighting techniques and training in the world

10 Most BRUTAL Martial Arts Trainings (TheRichest/YouTube)
May 27, 2016

Here we bring you the top 10 most intense fighting techniques and training in the world. Some of these things are so brutally intense and insane that you’ll be wondering how they can do it. Just see for yourself.

Maybe you think it is easy to become a Muay Thai champ or what about a trained Japanese Warrior Monk? Even if you just consider yourself to be in great shape, you should watch this video to see what it really takes.

Some of the training techniques that these guys ensure would put most people on the floor in a heap and some are just plain crazy.


Let’s check out the Samurai first. The Samurai class practices many of the Japanese martial arts, including horse back riding and the use of swords and spears. Samurai practiced the ancient form of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-Ryu in their training of apprentices. They had to develop their focus and resilience to the highest degree possible. To do this, they would sit nude in the snow or stand under an icy waterfall, while ignoring the pain and discomfort.

Muay Thai training is known as the art of eight limbs. The fighters use their fists, knees, elbows and shins to beat their opponent into a bloody pulp. The primary focus of the training is in the shins. Training requires repeated kicking of things like, tree trunks or to have other students continuously kick their shins.

Monk Pillar Skill rule number one is to never mess with a Shaolin Warrior Monk. Their style of martial arts is Shaolin Kung Fu. In the Monk Pillar of Skill, students have to balance on two pillars in a seated position. There is no chair involved, just a sharpened spear that causes extreme pain if they try to relax. To top it off, the students must balance a bowl on their heads the whole time.

Shaolin Qigong warriors work on focus and discipline by practicing Qigong. Here, you put rope or cloth around your neck and then hang from a pole or a ceiling. They say it is needed to learn control or intense focus.

Ninja-Ninjutsu students must be well-rounded in all aspects of fighting, camouflage, and espionage. To enhance these skills, students will hang from a bar while they are repeatedly punched in the stomach. They say it contributes to the strength, patience, and stealth of would be ninjas.


In Russia, Spetsnaz use the practice known as systema. It is fairly traditional to standard martial arts training with the exception of laying the students down and allowing them to be trampled on, beaten with wooden poles, and have cinder blocks smashed on their stomachs with sledgehammers.

Tameshiwari is the practice of smashing things, like cement, often breaking many bones in doing so.

Yamabushi are a religious warrior class that uses some insane training methods. They use the art of Tengu Sumo, which focuses on hand to hand combat and distraction. It is said they develop concentration by dangling from a cliff or standing in the snow or under a waterfall.

Shaolin Iron Egg involves sparring and physical contact. This type is insanely extreme by kicking other warriors in the crotch several times in a row. It is said to improve focus and toughness.

Iron Egg II is worse than getting kicked in the crotch. Warriors attach a very heavy  cement roller to their testicles and haul it around for a while.