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Terror Group Hezbollah Blames The U.S. For The Rise Of Islamic State

May 12, 2016

The leader of terrorist group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said that the Islamic State was carrying out a new “Nakba” in the Middle East (Nakba is Arabic for ‘catastrophe’ and is primarily used by Palestinians referring to the the 1948 creation of the State of Israel) and the United States is guilty of creating Islamic State in order to ‘extend hegemony’ over the region.  


His remarks come on Israel’s 68th Independence Day, which is a deliberate jab by the terror group leader at Israel in a weak attempt to draw a correlation between it and Islamic State in regard to the territory the two control.  He said,

[the difference] between the current Nakba and the one of 1948 [was that] there are groups that currently exist that will stand in the way of this new Nakba,

referring to his terror group Hezbollah, the Shiite group who are fighting alongside the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and al-Assad’s Syrian military since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in March 2011.  Nasrallah not only blamed the United States for the creation of Islamic State, he also accused the U.S. of funding the terror group in order to fight its and Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.  

[The U.S.] and its regional allies have brought takfiri [non-believers] and barbaric terrorist groups aimed at destroying the spirit and will of the resistance.  Islamic State is a means to achieve U.S. goals, as demonstrated through the return of American troops in Iraq.  The West does not have a problem with Muslims, but with the movements and people who reject Israeli occupation of Palestine. They have a problem with all those who reject foreign hegemony in the region.  They want [Islamic State] to reach all of Iran’s borders and even within Iran itself.  They sought to fight us through direct means, such as the 2006 war with Israel, but they failed and so they are seeking the same method they adopted when they fought the Soviet Union.”  

Nasrallah claimed the West was now “paying the price” for Islamic State “as we have seen in Paris and Brussels,” in reference to the coordinated terror attacks in the French capital last November that claimed 130 lives and the attacks in the Belgian capital in March which killed over 30 people.  Terrorist group Hezbollah (alternate spelling – Hizballah) proudly supports al-Assad who has evidence mounting against him and his regime of war crimes and Iran who is the leader in state-sponsored terrorism responsible for the deaths of thousands.  

Do Nasrallah’s comments on Israel’s 68th Independence Day signify something bigger in the future or is he just ranting in hopes of having an audience? Sound off in the comments below!