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New Poll Shows Troops Prefer Donald Trump In Election By A Landslide

May 10, 2016

In a new survey conducted by the Military Times, nearly 1,000 U.S. troops participated in a survey that shows which presidential candidate they would vote for in the upcoming election, and the result is Donald Trump in a landslide.


In the survey, when Donald Trump goes head to head with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump wins by a ratio of 2:1. Trump receives 54% of the vote while Clinton receives 25% of the vote. That is a resounding 29% more than Clinton. What is very surprising though is that in a head to head battle between the two party frontrunners, more than 20% say that they would not choose between the two.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.37.16 AM

There is a great deal of support for Trump amongst troops, despite many critics saying that he lacks military and foreign policy experience.

This survey is not perfectly accurate towards sample military voting patterns since the 951 troops that participated in the survey are subscribers to the paper.

The results between a head to head matchup of Trump and Bernie Sanders would turn out slightly different than Trump’s resounding win over Hillary. Trump received 51% of the vote, while Bernie received 38% of the vote. Eleven percent of the participants opted not to choose between the two candidates.

Of all participants, almost half considered themselves to be Republicans while only 18% called themselves Democrats.

According to the Military Times, “Democrats overwhelmingly favored Clinton (72 percent to 8 percent) and Republicans overwhelmingly supported Trump (82 percent to 6 percent). Troops who identified as independents slightly favored Trump, by a 40 percent to 32 percent margin.”

Female troops were overwhelmingly in support of Clinton over Trump with 51% of the vote going to Clinton while only 24% going to Trump. Male troops overall preferred Trump over Clinton, 57% to 22%.

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In comments connected to the survey, some participants called the options for president disappointing and frustrating.

  • “Weakest field of my adult life.””
  • “Absolutely disgusted by this election cycle.”
  • ‘It’s a lose/lose situation no matter what.”
  • “They all suck.”

“The candidates left just don’t understand the military,” said Army Capt. Christian Pardo. “The military perspective on some of their policies are just so far out there.”

The survey took place between May 3-6. Of the participating troops, 66% were enlisted troops while 34% come from the officer corps.

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