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New Poll: 80% Of Americans Say They Are Angry With The U.S. Federal Government

May 03, 2016

Despite most Americans being satisfied in multiple facets of their lives, with things such as their family and friends, their finances and with work, roughly 80% of America is upset with the state of the federal government, according to an Associated Press GfK Poll.


Roughly the exact same amount of people that are upset with the government are content with their lives. Almost half of GOP voters are angry, while roughly 25% of Democrats and Independents are angry. However, many GOP voters are very supportive of Donald Trump and his campaign for presidency.

Overall, both sides of the political spectrum are upset with the state of the American federal government. The people in the survey have said that the politicians in Washington are not putting the people’s interests first.

The Associated Press reported that Greg Boire of Belding, Michigan said that “there are too many lobbyists and people who are not really working for the people anymore. They’re working to line their own pockets.”

The study shows that the Republicans that are angry with the state of the federal government are very much in support of Trump, showing a 62% approval rating, while only dissatisfied Republicans only show a 36% approval rating of Trump.

Trump, like most candidates, over the course of his campaign has used people’s anger for the federal government to his advantage by appealing to many enthusiastic supporters that are not in favor of it.

Debra Waterson of Petoskey Michigan also told the Associated Press that she is angered with the state of the economy and foreign trade deals. She originally supported Obama back in 2008, but then in 2012 voted for Romney. In the 2016 primary, Debra voted for GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

In the study, 45% think that the economy is in good condition. Nearly half of Democrats think that the country is headed in the right direction, while less than 10% of Republicans think that it is headed that way.

Another voter, Christopher Ashby, a resident of Albermarle, North Carolina told the AP said that he is upset with the government giving out hand outs and with corporations and lobbyists of special interest groups. Ashby is a stay-at-home dad and describes himself as a conservative Republican that firmly supports Donald Trump.

“For everyone in politics at this moment, it’s a career, and nobody is in this career to help the little person,” said Ashby.

The poll of 1,076 adults was conducted by the Associated Press and GfK between March 31 and April 4. The poll was constructed to represent the United States population and the margin for error is 3.3%