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Nation’s Largest Gun Control Group Releases Two Absurd Gun Control Videos

May 04, 2016

Two groups, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the States United To Prevent Gun Violence have released two videos in an attempt to make people aware of the false “dangers” of owning a gun.


The first video is an attempt by the Brady Campaign to counteract the NRA for putting firearms in the hands of fairytale characters when the fairytale characters have to defend themselves against their nemesis. The video shows Alice, from the fairytale “Alice in Wonderland” playing around in the scene when she stumbles across a gun and promptly accidentally shoots herself.

The Brady Campaign shows the misuse of a weapon that isn’t properly stored and gets into the hands of a small child. However, the Brady Campaign purposefully twists the NRA’s message.

The purpose of the NRA Family’s depiction of fairytale characters is to show the fight of good people against evil storybook characters that would do them harm. The guns are used to defend themselves when they confront the evil characters. The main message children are supposed to get out of it is gun safety.

The second video is created by States United To Prevent Gun Violence. The video shows people getting tricked into going to see a movie called “Gun Crazy.” The people go into the movie thinking it will be a film with lots of action and guns.  Instead, they get a film that is a little more real.


The purpose of the video is to show that America glorifies guns in movies and that these guns can be dangerous if in the wrong hands and used for the wrong reasons.

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