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Mother Of U.S. Marine & Army Soldier Isn’t “Allowed” To Fly American Flag

May 05, 2016

A Minnesota woman, and mother of a U.S. Marine and an Army specialist, is fighting back against her very misguided condo association after they demanded she stop flying the American flag outside her condo. Angie Hildebrandt is using the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 to assert her right to fly the American flag over the condo associations petty housing codes.


Hildebrandt was first made aware of the conflict when a letter from the condo association was slipped under her door. The letter claimed that Hildebrandt had violated association rules by flying the flag. The letter went on to state that Hildebrandt only legally owned the property inside of her porch. Flying the flag on the outside of her porch in what they call “common property” which condo owners are prohibited from altering. A photo of the flag hung on Hildebrandt’s porch can be seen below.

Angie Hildebrandt flag mom


Hildebrandt is disgusted by the condo association’s attempt to remove the flag from the property. She states that, not only is the attempt to remove the flag in poor taste, it doesn’t break any of the association’s rules. She stated in an interview with ABC News:

“It does not state that I can’t fly a flag. It says everything else, but it doesn’t mention a flag.”

The condo association’s rules specifically prohibit signs, advertisements, hanging garments or rugs, wind chimes, bells and any other item creating noise. The rules do not mention flags. The association claims that their motivations for removing the flag are not anti-patriotic but simply an attempt to enforce the bureaucratic rules regarding “common property”.

Hildebrandt claims that whether or not the flag is on common property is irrelevant. She points to the American Flag Act of 2005.  The American Flag Act is an act of Congress that prohibits real estate management organizations from restricting homeowners from displaying the flag of the United States on their property.

Neither side is backing down. The condo association will continue to attempt to enforce its will on Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt also plans to continue to fight for her right to fly the stars and stripes. She has garnered a huge amount of support from the local community that has boosted her confidence. She says that the flag will come down when she moves and not a day sooner. She stated to ABC News:

“I got a family tree that’s got more stars than leaves on it. If I have to go to court… so be it.”

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