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Knife Attacker Shouting “Allahu Akbar” At Munich Train Station Leaves One Dead And Three More Wounded

May 10, 2016

A 27-year-old man went on a stabbing spree in Munich, Germany Tuesday morning. One victim was killed and three others were severely wounded. Witnesses report that the man was wielding a 4-inch knife and shouting “politically motivated” comments, namely “allahu akbar”. The assailant was arrested on scene and police are currently conducting an investigation.


The attack happened shortly before 5:00 a.m. in Grafing, Germany, approximately 20 miles outside of Munich. A German newspaper reported the attacked stabbed one man on a train, a second man on the platform and two additional men that were passing on bicycles.

The Washington Times has confirmed reports of the attack:

Witnesses report the assailant was shouting arabic phrases while committing the attack. Authorities are denying any link to ISIS or established terrorist groups at this time. They claim the man struggles with mental health issues and drug abuse. Despite the authorities denial of any link to ISIS several eye-witnesses reported hearing the attacker shout the following phrases:

“Allahu Akbar!” 


“You infidels! you must die!”

Police are investigating the attack now to determine whether or not there are any ties to ISIS. The main entrance to the station has been closed, a cellphone that was found between the train and the platform is being investigated and over 40 bloody footprints are being outlined and collected for evidence. Photos from the crime scene are below:

The attacker is a 27-year-old German national with no previous criminal record. Police report the attacker was on drugs when he committed the stabbing. He told police he had removed his shoes before the attack because he:

“felt bugs on his feet that had caused blisters and were generating intense heat”

The suspect’s admission of using drugs is leading police to believe that this may not have been a politically motivated attack and instead stemmed from the attackers drug use. It is unclear as to why he shouted politically motivated phrases.

All four victims were men aged 43, 55, 56 and 58. The victim that died was 56. Police have stated that one of the survivors has sustained “serious injuries” but did not comment on whether or not they were life threatening.

The stabbing occured at a fragile time in Germany. The recent influx of approximately 1.1 million Syrian refugees has many citizens concerned about potential terrorist attacks. Police doubt that the attack was politically motivated but will continue to investigate.

Do you think the attack was politically motivated or the act of a mentally disturbed individual? Sound off in the comment section below!