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Hero Marine Shot In Head And Killed By Man Trying To Shoot His Own Wife

May 03, 2016

An Arlington, TX cross-fit coach who served in the Marine Corps., Anthony “TJ” Antell Jr., was shot and killed while trying to stop an Army Private who opened fire outside a Walgreens pharmacy trying to shoot his own wife.

The gunman was shooting at his wife’s feet over a domestic dispute. Antell, the 35-year-old father of three was shot when he attempted to prevent the gunman, who was shooting at his wife from fleeing.


The shooting took place in Arlington, Texas. The shooter was Army Pvt. Ricci Chambles Bradden who was stationed nearby at Fort Hood. Pvt. Bradden allegedly entered the pharmacy and began a heated exchange with his wife who was an employee of Walgreens. The argument moved outside where Bradden reportedly became extremely angry at his wife. He fired two shots at her feet, missing the first and striking her in the ankle with the second shot.

Bradden’s wife reentered the pharmacy calling for help. This prompted Antell to retrieve a firearm from his own vehicle. Antell confronted Bradden as he attempted to flee. Bradden allegedly disarmed Antell before shooting him in the head. Antell immediately succumbed to his injuries.

Bradden spoke with Army supervisors approximately 30 minutes after the shooting via cell phone while traveling south on Interstate 35E near Waxahachie, TX. He was urged to turn himself in. According to Arlington police, Bradden and a family member arrived at Texas Department of Public Safety in Hill County, Arlington shortly after the shooting.

Bradden is being held at Hill County Jail with bail set at $500,000. He will be charged with murder for shooting Antell. Bradden’s wife was treated at the Medical Center of Arlington. Her injuries are not life threatening according to police.

Local police have praised Antell for his actions. He is being viewed as a good samaritan and hero.

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