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Hear A First Hand Account Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor From A WWII Navy Veteran

May 24, 2016

The attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the most defining moments in American history and one of the most recreated military strikes in the history of film and television. The attack drew the United States into WWII and forever changed the course of history.


The surprise attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy has been featured in films dating all the way back to 1942, less than one year after the incident occured. Since that time the event has continued to capture the imaginations of Americans and has been touched upon in a plethora of films, documentaries and T.V. shows. While these Hollywood recreations have done a good job in captivating and educating their audiences but they don’t quite capture the narrative of the soldiers who were stationed at Pearl Harbor on that fateful day, December 7, 1941.

Thankfully, we are privileged to have real audio footage of a WWII Navy veteran who was on site during the attack. He shares account of the attack from a unique first-person perspective. His story ranges from shaking hungover soldiers out of bed, firing puny three inch guns in a feeble attempt to stop the attack and a strafing run from enemy aircraft that could have ended in death. Listen to the Audioburst below for the full tale!

Do you think the attack on Pearl Harbor is the most defining military attack in United States history? Why or why not? Sound off in the comment section!