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(HD VIDEO) Aftermath Of A 500 Pound Bomb Mistakenly Dropped On U.S. Soldiers

May 13, 2016

See the aftermath of a 500 pound bomb accidentally being dropped within several hundred feet of U.S. soldiers from 2014. U.S. Army mortar teams engaged Taliban forces on a distant ridge line. An airstrike is called in on the Taliban forces. Unfortunately the bomb is mistakenly dropped near U.S. forces.


No U.S. Soldiers were seriously injured in this video. Thankfully, a First Sergeant ordered everyone on scene to “stand in” before the drop. This seemingly trivial order saved the lives of three soldiers who would have been within the “kill zone” of the bomb. The reason the bomb was dropped on the wrong location is undetermined.

“If it wasn’t for the decision of our First Sergeant, three of our guys would have died in that wooden building which was shredded by shrapnel.”

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