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First Texas Female Infantry Believe Deployment Will Be “Fun”

May 20, 2016

Two female Texans have signed up for infantry training next summer at Fort Benning, Georgia. The two women, who are not yet old enough to vote, will be the first females in their state to register for infantry training. Despite being the first to attempt the feat the two women are dedicated to completing the training and believe that they will be able to succeed. They believe they are “created equal with the man” and are looking forward to the training because the think it will be “fun”.


The two headstrong 17-year-olds are Shelby Sparkman and Hannah Carpenter. The two women received permission from their parents and will report to the 30th Adjutant General Reception Battalion at Fort Benning on Jun 19, 2017 for their first day of training. They believe that, despite their age and gender, they will pass the training with flying colors. Carpenter said to reporters”

“In my beliefs, we were created equal with the man, We have that power, even though they think they’re higher above us. We’re equal.

Sparkman shares Carpenters sentiments and added:

“If any man thinks that, they got another thing comin’.”

The women have even received support from military officials. USAF Reserve Captain Gregory J. Prickett swore the women in and believe they will succeed. He said to the women after the ceremony.

“It’s going to be tough, but y’all can do it, Infantry training is not for the weak-hearted.”

Despite the support they received and their intense, and some may say foolish, belief that they will pass infantry training the women are already hearing criticism from nay-sayers. The statistics show that only 17 percent of Regular Army and 28.5 percent of Reserve recruits are female and many officers believe that the intense training and harsh physical demands of infantry training won’t be appealing to many women.

Regardless of your opinion of equality among genders or the practicality of women in combat roles many soldiers who have completed infantry training will tell you that it is any but “fun” and that these women may be in for a major shock to their systems… and egos.

Here is the swearing in video. If you can’t see it – you can also go here.

Do you think that these women will inspire more females to aspire to fill combat roles? Sound off in the comment section!