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Electromagnetic Railguns Could Amazingly Shoot Bullets At Mach 6 Speeds

May 17, 2016

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems has created bullets that will be able to travel at Mach 6 speeds when shot from a railgun. These bullets will be able to penetrate the air at speeds 6 times the speed of sound.


This type of technology could revolutionize future military combat. The military is aiming to replace gunpowder with a more efficient and powerful source of destruction by harnessing the powers of electromagnetic railguns as well as lasers.

On Wednesday, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems announced that its Blitzer railgun hypersonic projectiles were successful during testing at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground in Utah back in March.

The railguns with this technology will be able to strike targets 150 miles away in two minutes with extreme precision as they have navigation systems built into them for guidance and control.

The U.S. Navy plans to test the railguns at sea this year.