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Can A Bullet Stop A Running Engine Like In The Movies?

May 18, 2016

You’ve seen it in the movies, the “bad guy” is about to pull off the perfect heist and make a clean escape in the getaway vehicle when he’s stopped by a single bullet. This normally involves a stray bullet popping a tire and causing a hollywood style, overly dramatic, fish tale that ends in a fiery explosion. But every once in awhile we see a vehicle stopped by a single bullet to the engine block. It causes a full mechanical breakdown that stops the bad guy in his track and ends with our hero’s delivering some well overdue justice.


This is all well and good for the purposes of a Hollywood movie but is it possible in real life? The boys at FullMag put this movie myth to the test by firing a .22 caliber bullet at the engine of a running limo. Does it work? Watch the video and find out!


You have one bullet to stop a running vehicle. Where do you aim? Sound off in the comment section!