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400 Suspected ISIS Terrorists Found Among “Migrants” Arriving In Germany

May 12, 2016

German authorities have estimated that close to 400 suspected Islamic State terrorists have infiltrated Germany under the guise of being ‘migrants;’ a revelation that some German authorities warned against for months.  A German police spokesman said,


German security authorities have indications that members and supporters of terrorist organizations are infiltrating groups of migrants in a focused and organized way, in order to launch attacks in Germany.”  

There are 40 cases pending judicial review of Islamic jihadists at the German federal and state level as well as an increase in overall reports of prospective terrorists who’ve entered Germany under false pretenses.  The sharp increase in numbers has prompted German authorities to signal a new terror alert across the German state and the entire European region.

The two suicide bombers who were involved in the November 13 Paris attacks were believed to have entered Europe through the Balkan route as well as two other men who were arrested in Salzburg that were thought to be active participants in the same attacks in Paris.  Evidence is also mounting against Salah Abdeslam, mastermind behind the attacks, who was able to escape authorities with three other men that entered Europe with refugees via southern Germany in October 2015.  

Approximately 60% of the migrants that are entering Germany have not been registered due to lack of identification documents (passports, photo ID, birth records, etc).  German law enforcement note this lack of control is severely hampering operations and allowing the infiltration of Islamic State jihadists to enter Germany unabated and undeterred.   

Germany and the lack of vetting protocols on migrants should serve as a warning to the Obama administration that its attempt at fast-tracking migrants into the United States without properly vetting them will have dire consequences.  If Germany has close to 400 suspected Islamic State terrorists in its midst, there’s no telling what is in store for the United States if Obama gets his way and all 200,000 come onto American soil without the proper background checks.  Will the Obama administration heed this ‘warning’ from Germany regarding terrorists posing as migrants or will it fall on deaf ears?

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