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What it would be like if your Uber driver was a combat veteran…

If your uber driver was a combat vet (Screenshot/Youtube)
April 13, 2016

The YouTube channel “A Combat Veteran” is chock-full of hilarious videos for vets and civilians alike.

This video asks the question “What would it be like if your Uber driver was a combat vet?”

Based on the video, the answer is “very inappropriate.”

At the beginning of the video, the veteran decides to skink up the car just before the passengers get in the vehicle. Once they get into the vehicle, they are appalled at the smell, wondering where it came from.

The veteran responds by telling them that it must have come from a swamp or a creek nearby.

The women then ask if he was in the military after finding out that his shirt comes from a military company.

After he tells them that he served in the military, they tell him that they love men that are in the military.

“Well, you know what? For that you get a free ride.” the veteran responds.

“Wow,” one of the women replies.

“That’s right. Not today though. Next time,” the veteran responds.

After that, the veteran takes out a flask filled with alcohol and proceeds to drink it.

He then tells the girls that people are more likely to get into traffic accidents by a sober driver than a drunk driver.

The veteran pulls up to a green light as a person walks by.

“Hey guy, the f****** light’s green,” the veteran says.

“Hey, f*** you,” the guy answers back.

The veteran then turns towards the women in the backseat asking them for his shovel that he left back there.

“Tough guy, eh. That’s funny,” the vet says as he gets out of the car with the shovel in hand.

Combat vet as a Uber driver (YouTube)

The veteran then uses the shovel to hit the man with repeatedly while he is on the ground.

“Wipe that s*** clean,” the veteran tells the women as he gets back into the car.

“There’s a lot of bad people out here. You can never be too careful,” he adds.

A combat veteran becomes an Uber driver (YouTube)

Later on in the drive, the veteran tells the women that he is considered to be legally blind and disabled.

As the trip comes to an end and the women exit the vehicle, the veteran gives them some farewell advice.

“A Combat Veteran” has a number of videos on what it would be like if your Uber driver was a veteran, including, “When your Uber a Veteran! (Part 2)” and “Veteran Uber Driver VS Stolen Valor!”

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