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Watch this guy use an AR-15 to shoot a telephone pole in half

Shooting a Telephone Pole in Half (DemolitionRanch/Youtube)
April 21, 2016

Check out this AR-15 with 30 caliber bullets shoot straight through a telephone pole to break it in half. These bullets are the same size that are used in an AK-47, so this thing is bound to do some damage.

It doesn’t happen as fast as one might think and probably takes about 100 shots to get the pole to crack in half. It was also a two-day event due to an emergency situation, but those poles are pretty durable, although they don’t seem that strong in some damaging winds.


The shooter lays the telephone pole across saw horse benches to secure it and gets ready to see what it takes to get this pole to sever. He’s using a gun from the Patriot Ordinance Factory using 7.62×39 bullets and it is piston operated. He expects it not to take too much effort but that is yet to be determined.


First, he applies some spray paint to create a target. The first bullet shoots straight through the pole and while the exit hole is much bigger than the entry, it didn’t come close to doing any damage. With yet another magazine gone, the pole is still in place and can even withstand the shooter walking on it.


Next, he uses some surplus bullets from 1979. He comments that he wonders if in 1979, when the bullets were being made, if they ever though that in years to come these bullets would be used in a Youtube video.

Check out the video below to see how long it takes. Next time this guy should use a flamethrower.

A barrage of bullets passes through the pole and although the damage is becoming more evident, the pole is still intact, for the most part. Again, the back suffering more damage than the front with about half of the pole gone.

He fires yet another series from the mag, but she still prevails, although definitely tattered at this point. She is hanging on by a thread but still hanging. One more round should do her in. After 13 more shots he takes a peek, not quite there yet. Six more and she is just about broken. Five more shots and she finally cracks! That is one tough telephone pole.

So, for those wondering, it is not an easy task to sever a telephone pole with bullets, but it is possible. The shooter says if you decide to try this be prepared for the police to come since so many bullets must be fired to complete the job.