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Watch The Fastest Howitzer In The World In Action

April 29, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen introduce yourselves to The Archer Artillery System (also known as the Archer – FH77BW L52). This is the fastest howitzer in the world. It is a highly mobile unit that can be ready to fire in under 30 seconds.


It’s being developed an international project that hopes to create a self-propelled artillery system for Sweden and Norway. A fully automated 155mm/L52 gun howitzer with a 21 round magazine is the centerpiece of this amazing machine. It’s controlled by a M151 Protector remote controlled weapon station and is mounted on the chassis of a Volvo A30D.

This combination of technology allows for a highly mobile machine that can be fired without a member of its unit ever stepping out of the vehicle. Watch the video below to see it fire off a round in record time!


What do you think the versatility of the Archer Artillery System will be used for? Sound off in the comment section below!