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Watch Campus Security Harass and Write-Up Student Wearing Empty Holster On University of South Alabama Campus

April 18, 2016

D.J Parten, military veteran, and now finance major at the University of Alabama was written up by campus police for threatening the safety of the campus and its students by having an empty holster on his side.

Parten is the president of the USA chapter of Students for Concealed Carry and this past Wednesday was caught for having an empty holster on hand in protest of the school’s policy on guns. At the time, Parten was attending an event called “Can We Take a Joke” where Parten says “I think it’s kinda interesting because I was helping to promote a campus showing of a film about censoring others for their beliefs.”

In the video the officer asks to see the weapon that occupies the holster. Parten replies by letting the officer know that the weapon is at home, while a person outside the video’s frame asks if the officer would like to see the Constitution.

The officer asks to see if Parten has permission to carry a gun holster on campus to which Parten replies that he doesn’t need permission to wear a holster.

Campus Police can also be seen getting agitated when he notices a knife. The officer says, “You’ve got a knife in your right pocket. I don’t know if you’re ever gonna draw it out. I’m not gonna take it from you, but if you keep being a smart ass, we’re going to figure something out.”

At the end of the conflict, the officer hands a citation over to Parten for breaking the student code of conduct and “threatening the safety of the campus community.” The citation also required Parten to meet with the Dean of Students but following media attention, the situation has been handled prior to the meeting.

“(Campus police) received an anonymous report that a person in the Student Center may have been carrying an ‘unconcealed gun,” according to Bob Lowry, University Director of Communications and Media Relations. This caused campus police to confront Parten, which resulted in the citation.

“The university has determined that the citation should not have been issued and since then has been rescinded. University Police are conducting an internal investigation of the matter” according to Bob Lowry.

Do you think campus police took the right steps in confronting D.J Parten, and what is your opinion on concealed carry laws on college campuses? Let us know in the comments below!