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(VIDEO) This might be the world’s fastest shotgun

Insane shotgun in action (Screenshot/Youtube)
April 22, 2016

Watch this suppressed Fostech Origin 12 in action as it obliterates targets down range. This shotgun is fast. Really Fast.

The firearm is by Fostech Outdoors and is a combat/tactical shotgun.

It’ll also cost you around $3,000. Well worth it for the zombie apocalypse. This is the perfect weapon to have to fend off nearly any threat.

Here are some features of the Origin 12:

  • Quick Change Barrel
  • Forward Charging Handle
  • Ambidextrous Safety & Mag Release
  • In-Line Detachable Magazine
    • 5 Round Mag w/Gun
  • Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • 3-Point Operational Trigger Finger Position
    • (Includes Trigger Operation, Mag Drop & Bolt Release)
  • Infinitie Gas Block Adjustment
  • Multi-Caliber Receiver
  • Minimalist Stock from MFT

This video is from the YouTube creator known as Iraqveteran8888, who specializes in making firearm specific videos. The YouTuber has over 1.6 million subscribers on his channel and releases new high-quality videos on a regular basis and has been creating videos for nearly a decade.

Iraqveteran8888 fires the Origin 12 (YouTube)

The video, which has gone viral with nearly 4 million views, starts off with the host immediately firing the Fostech Origin 12. He mentions that the shotgun is in a short configuration with the Salvo 12 suppressor, a 93 ¼ inch barrel, and a 30 round drum. He then mentions that “this is one of the fastest shotguns in the world.”

A slow-motion view of the shotgun in action (YouTube)

After going over several more details about the shotgun, he mentions that it’s now time to shoot some watermelons. In the background of the video, there are around a dozen watermelons in a line that are no match for the powerful shotgun, as he easily shoots all of them. Toward the end, he clarifies that the Fostech Origin 12 is a semi-auto shotgun and not a machine gun. The difference is that automatic weapons fire multiple rounds with each trigger press while semi-auto weapons fire one round per trigger press.

The Origin 12 packs some serious power (YouTube)

Expect for the Origin 12 to give your shoulder quite a beating though as it creates an intense kickback when fired. This is a necessary trade-off as the shotgun packs a lot of power and is a serious weapon for responsible firearm enthusiasts.

It is perfectly legal to buy this shotgun as a civilian if you satisfy the necessary requirements in your state, which may consist of passing a background back and completing some safety courses (depending on the state). With this firearm’s high price tag, it’s likely that only the most serious collectors can afford the shotgun.