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Here’s the top 5 weapons of the future from around the world

Top 5 Future Weapons of the World (Top5Quantum/YouTube)
April 12, 2016

Militaries from the around the world are constantly trying to innovate in order to gain an advantage. In recent years, incredibly advanced new weapons have been developed that have altered the way in which war is being conducted.

While most countries, particularly the United States, tend to keep their technological advancements a secret, some new weapons have been revealed that offer a glimpse at the future of warfare.

Top 5 Future Weapons of the World. (Top5Quantum/YouTube)

The Top5Quantam YouTube channel compiled a list of five future weapons that may be used in combat in the near future. Some of the weapons are so powerful they could irreversibly damage large cities with the press of a button.

Check out the entire list of future weapons in the video below:

First on the list is a weapon that has been in development by a handful of countries since at least World War II: the railgun. Using electromagnetic force, a railgun has the potential to fire a projectile at a devastating rate of speed along a series of conductive rails.

Rather than relying on explosives, a railgun can propel a large projectile so quickly that the damage inflicted by the speed alone is enough to get the job done. The United States Navy expects to have operational railguns by 2025, with Russia, China and Turkey developing railguns of their own.

Top 5 Future Weapons of the World. (Top5Quantum/YouTube)

Also on the list is a unique style of weapon that fires no projectile and inflicts no damage, but acts as an invisible shield that deters combatants from getting any closer. The Active Denial System (ADS), nicknamed The Goodbye Weapon, is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon that uses microwaves and radar to shoot a stream of electromagnetic waves at targets.

The result is an intense burning sensation on the skin that immediately forces a person to run in the other direction. The weapon has informally been dubbed a heat ray since it essentially fires an immense amount of heat at the target.

Top 5 Future Weapons of the World. (Top5Quantum/YouTube)

Topping the list of future weapons is the EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. The idea behind an EMP is that in a matter of seconds, a short burst of electromagnetic energy can take out all electrical equipment within hundreds of miles. The event would leave entire cities in total darkness.

While an EMP seems like the product of video games or science fiction, the threat has become increasingly real. U.S. President Donal Trump recently signed an executive order that requires the United States government to have a plan in place for such an event.