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The Testicles And Feces Found In Brussels Terror Attacker’s Backpack After Police Shootout Prompts Fears Of A Water Supply Attack

April 15, 2016

  • Terror suspect allegedly involved in Brussels bombing detained

  • Animal testicles and feces found in backpack raise further fear of chemical weapons

  • Local authorities urge anyone that came in contact with contents of backpack to exercise caution

The contents of a backpack owned by terrorist Abderrahame Ameroud who was responsible for the Brussels terrorist attack have prompted fears that ISIS is planning primitive biologic attacks. On Friday April 8, federal prosecutors revealed the vile contents of a backpack that belonged to known terrorist, Abderrahame Ameroud.


Ameroud, who also played roles in the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the U.S. and the Sept. 9, 2001 assassination of Afghan Commander Amhad Shah Massoud is believed to be a part of plans for future attacks on Paris. Ameroud surrendered to police after being shot in the leg at a train station in Brussels on March 25, 2016.

Amateur video of the suspect being detained, as well as footage of the backpack in question, can be seen below:

At the time of the shooting the backpack was thought to contain explosives. A remote controlled bomb disposal robot was sent in to retrieve the bag. Ameroud was detained shortly after. After weeks of analyzing the contents of the bag it has been confirmed that Ameroud was transporting a vile concoction of organic material that included rotting animal testicles and feces. It’s unclear what purpose this concoction would have served. According to the Dailymail, a Brussels prosecutor attempted to quell fears of a biological attack by releasing the following statement:

‘”The rucksack contents … could at no time have been used to make a biological weapon. This has been verified by various tests in laboratories.”

While the contents of the bag have been determined to be insufficient for creating a biological weapon on their own, it does not completely rule out the possibility of the terrorist group utilizing them in conjunction with other materials to create a weapon. On Feb. 10, 2016 a group of terrorist suspects were arrested in Morocco. Several jars containing dead rats, vomit and nails were found in their possession. The contents of these jars were tested on mice, none of which survived.

Sources speculate that the material found on Ameroud could be used to poison food supplies, spread fatal diseases or test chemical agents on organic material. According to the Wall Street Journal, a police note was released by a Belgian newspaper. The note stated it was a well held belief on Jihadist internet formus that mixing a combination of excrement, animal meat and water for 10 days in a dark place can create a “toxic reaction”. The validity of the statement has been debated by local officials, but they are taking no chances. The note also advised anyone with unprotected contact with the materials to err on the side of caution, releasing the following statement:

“In the case of unprotected contact with this substance, one can be infected by some virus or some bacteria provoking illness like typhoid, tetanus, colibacillosis, botulism, cholera or listeria,” the note continued.

Any officials with unprotected contact with the materials were urged to wash their hands with chlorine. Officials will continue to investigate whether or not ISIS is experimenting with chemical weapons. Western officials have long been concerned with the groups access to chemical weapons and fears they may have used them in Syria and Iraq. Ameroud remains in police custody and is being questioned about a potential attack planned for France.

Do you feel that chemical weaponry should be a major concern when strategizing anti-terror policy? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.