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The Hilarious 1986 Greased Pig Prank On The Deck Of The USS Kennedy

April 02, 2016

In 1986, a Navy Helicopter pilot touched down on the USS Kennedy to deliver some “urgent paperwork.” Instead, he dropped something completely different: Three greased pigs – one red, one white and one blue.


Tyler Rogoway from Foxtrot Alpha said this about the stunt:

“It is nearly unthinkable pulling off such a stunt today. Not only would the Navy conduct a months-long investigation, after which heads would probably roll, but PETA would also not be to happy. All this adds up to attention that the Navy will clearly tell you they don’t need.

Times have really changed in the Navy. It is a far more “corporate force” than it was in its past. The Tailhook scandal and other embarrassing events have diluted the Navy’s frat-boy culture”

Check it out:


Did you ever pull a similar prank while you served? Share your story in the comments below!