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Watch the hilarious 1986 greased pig prank on the USS Kennedy

Three little pigs visit the USS Kennedy (Brian Michaels/YouTube)
April 02, 2016

In 1986, a Navy helicopter pilot touched down on the USS Kennedy to deliver some “urgent paperwork.” Instead, he dropped something completely different: Three greased pigs – one painted red, one white and one blue.

Tyler Rogoway from Foxtrot Alpha said this about the stunt:

“It is nearly unthinkable pulling off such a stunt today. Not only would the Navy conduct a months-long investigation, after which heads would probably roll, but PETA would also not be too happy. All this adds up to attention that the Navy will clearly tell you they don’t need. Times have really changed in the Navy. It is a far more ‘corporate force’ than it was in its past. The Tailhook scandal and other embarrassing events have diluted the Navy’s frat-boy culture.”

Three little pigs visit the USS Kennedy (Brian Michaels/YouTube)

Brian Michaels, who posted the video, said when this was filmed that he was stationed aboard the USS America (CV-66) as an Aircrewman/SAR Swimmer with HS-11 helo squadron. The USS John F. Kennedy came to relieve the USS America after a six-month deployment in the Mediterranean, but the relief came in the form of three colorful hogs. Just imagine this on the flight deck of the USS Kennedy.

Check it out:

Aircrewman Brian Christoff said, “We used the excuse that we had some official paperwork to drop off. They never seen it coming!” So, there you have the flight deck crew aboard the USS John F. Kennedy rushing around the flight deck trying to capture the greased up pigs — not an easy task!

Three little pigs visit the USS Kennedy
(Brian Michaels/YouTube)

The helicopter crew can be heard asking the USS Kennedy for a “low pass up your port side,” likely for a closer viewing seat to the antics, to which they respond “negative!”

It’s not known what happened to the three little pigs, but some predict that bacon was on the next morning’s menu.

Three little pigs visit the USS Kennedy (Brian Michaels/YouTube)

Livestock on a Navy ship can get you fired, which is what happened in 2012.

The cruiser Lake Erie’s captain, John Banigan, lost his career over his goat and mascot, Master Chief Charlie. The idea to get a goat mascot was supposed to include a stuffed goat but the fellows got carried away and got a live one as a practical joke. The goat is the mascot of the Naval Academy, according to Fox Trot Alpha.

They made him a uniform vest with the ship’s crest, and he was a big hit on the ship. When the ship got orders to transfer from Hawaii to San Diego, they decided to take Master Chief Charlie along for the 2,600-mile ride.

In the end, it turned out that the Captain never followed the proper protocol to allow the goat to join the crew and therefore he was considered to have poor management and was discharged. There have not been any livestock pranks ever since.