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Terrorists Watch As IED Jammer Allows U.S. Soldiers To Drive Over Roadside Bombs Unharmed

April 27, 2016

Listen to these terrorists helplessly plead for divine intervention as they watch their primitive roadside bombs be bested by American technology. The vehicles in this video are utilizing RCIED jamming systems to prevent remote detonations of nearby roadside bombs.

A RCIED is a remote detonated electrically initiated explosive. Radios, cordless phones, key fobs and any over-the-air technology functions on the same technological principles. A signal is sent to the bomb from a wireless device. The bomb has a built-in receiver that triggers the device.

The RCIED jamming systems located on board the vehicles work by transmitting radio signals of their own that interfere with the signals that detonate the bombs. To put it simply the bombs get “confused” or “overwhelmed” by the signals emitted by the jamming sytem and cannot be detonated.

Below is a video of an RCIED detonating prematurely. It shows the raw power these devices are capable of unleashing.

The videos above show how important advances in technology can be for our troops serving abroad. Not only for our offensive capabilities but also our defensive capabilities.

Has anyone you know ever had their lives saved due to technological breakthroughs? Share their stories in the comment section below!