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Watch: Kevlar bulletproof face mask – does it work?

Bullet Proof Mask. (DemolitionRanch/YouTube)
April 29, 2016

Demolition Ranch is at it again in a “what if you ever got shot in the face?” episode. Perhaps the first question might be, who would be willing to test that? Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch answers that question using bulletproof technology — for the face.

This bulletproof mask is capable of taking on a variety of calibers. The mask is made of Kevlar and is meant to take on a range of firearm ammunition all the way up to a .357 magnum. These things just might hold up in protecting one’s face from a bullet, although Carriker said that it limits your field of view and it is pretty uncomfortable.

Bullet Proof Mask. (DemolitionRanch/YouTube)

Basic military operations use the mask and there are some upsides and downsides to wearing one. This bulletproof mask is a level two, meaning it can stop a .22 long rifle, a 9mm, a .40 caliber, and up to a .357 magnum.

The mask is placed on “Lieutenant Dan,” the mannequin. In classic Demolition Ranch style, the shooting starts with the least powerful gun and they will work their way up. First up, a .22 long rifle out of a Ruger. He shoots and plugs Lt. Dan in the noggin, but the mask barely takes a dent. On to the next gun.

Take a look at the test below:

He fires and hits right above the eyebrow. Still, the bullet wasn’t able to penetrate the mask. Had the mask been off, Lt. Dan would be a goner. Next, the 9mm. He gets him at the corner of the eye and the mask is damaged, but Lt. Dan still lives.

Next, the .40 Smith & Wesson. An accidental mishap causes the bullet to go through Lt. Dan’s eye, so he’s dead, but the mask wasn’t tested. Another shot from the same gun also doesn’t penetrate the mask.

Up next, the .44 special strikes him, getting a shot to the mouth.


The .44 magnum is next, this time with a hollow point. It knocks a little of the paint off, but nothing made it through. The .17 HMR, although tiny and powerful, still didn’t penetrate the mask.

It’s clearly time for the serious rounds. Out comes the finger-sized .500 magnum.

One direct shot blows the mask right off Lt. Dan’s head. Upon further inspection, the entry hole doesn’t look that bad, but the inside of the mask shows a different story — the bullet went straight through it and into Lt. Dan’s head.

Although it failed the .500 magnum test, the Kevlar held up against everything it was supposed to, and more.