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ISIS Kills 250 Women After Refusing Participation In “Sexual Jihad”

April 21, 2016

  • Approximately 250 women slaughtered by ISIS after refusing to participate in “sexual jihad”

  • Terrorist group continues to disregard human rights

ISIS has executed approximately 250 women who have refused to participate in their “sexual jihad”. The massacre took place in Mosul, Iraq when a group of women refused to accept “temporary” marriages that were arranged by the terrorist group ISIS.


The city of Mosul has been under the control of ISIS since 2014 while President Obama has sat by and watched the atrocities pile up.

As of October over 500 Yazidi women and girls have been abducted and 5,000 of their men have been slaughtered. Officials in the area have reported to the AhlulBayt news agency that women have routinely had their rights stripped away since the group took power. Women can be abducted and placed into “arranged marriages” with militant terrorists at the group’s discretion. Women that refuse are executed, sometimes along with their entire families. Women have also been banned from traveling through the city alone. When women do appear in public they must be covered from head-to-toe.

Life under ISIS rule is extremely difficult for all citizens in the area but is particularly stressful for women. Many are driven to suicide by the mandatory guidelines set out by ISIS and the monstrous consequences for not obeying their commands. See video below of a young Yazidi girl who was captured by ISIS and the horrors she suffered.

If these trends continue women in the area will continue to have their rights degraded. Women will continue to be treated as commodities and traded among militants in the area. What do you think is the most effective solution to ending human trafficking?

How do you think ISIS should be defeated?