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ISIS Is Turning On Themselves: Executes 21 Of Their Own Officers

April 26, 2016

ISIS has been losing ground in their efforts against the U.S. military. Over the past several months, due to an increase in military operations by the United States, ISIS has been failing at an enormous rate.

Tensions are so high that they executed 21 of their own officers while freaking out about poor performance on the battlefield.


The have lost 22% of their overall territory in both Iraq and Syria since the start of 2015 and 10% of that lost territory was taken between this past December 2015 and February 2016.

To add to ISIS’ already big problems, they have dealt with massive shortcomings financially. Approximately 30% of their income is no longer coming in due to the U.S and its coalition of forces cutting off the funds to their military operations, such as paying militant salaries and maintaining order in their territories.

With the losses piling up, ISIS is losing ground in the recruitment process as well.

The Iraqi media agency, Al Sumaria News reported that 45 members that attempted to flee from a battle were thrown into a freezer for a day until they died. Their dead bodies were then hung in the streets to send a message that deserting ISIS will not be tolerated.

In all of April, ISIS has executed 21 commanders in Raqqa that were not performing on the battlefield.

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