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Iranian President Says Iran’s ‘No World Threat;’ Forgets He Has No Real Power In Iran

April 08, 2016

Iran’s President Rouhani is moving away from Ayatollah Khamenei’s comments that the U.S. should not be trusted, which prompted the Iranian president to state that Iran was not a threat and that the country desired more interaction with the world.


President Rouhani, on Iranian state TV, said,

We are in favor of a policy of moderation … Iran is not a threat to any country … Tehran wants interaction with the world, with its neighboring countries. With moderation we can reach our goals faster … Trusting or distrusting others cannot be 100 percent … To progress, we need to have interaction with the world.

Rouhani’s comments are in stark contrast to those from Iran’s top authority on all things Iran, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who wields all the power for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Ayatollah has and continues to be adamant that there will be no more rapprochement with the United States since Iran got their nuclear deal that ended Iran’s political and economical isolation.

As a result, it caused tensions between Rouhani’s government and the hardline allies of Khamenei. Rouhani’s remarks regarding Iran not being a world threat comes just days after Ayatollah Khamenei said the United States was a “symbol of dishonesty” and should not be trusted.

It’s important to note that regardless how much President Rouhani attempts to put Iran in a positive light, he is not the one that will ultimately make decisions for Iran, the Ayatollah does; Rouhani has no real power in Iran and his words are just that, words.

What should the United States’ next move be regarding the Iranian President Rouhani and his difference of opinions with Ayatollah Khamenei? Sound off in the comments below!