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Cure Your “AR Fatigue” With These Awesome Alternatives To The AR Platform

April 29, 2016

Are you suffering from “AR fatigue”? You could be and may not even know it! AR fatigue is a phenomenon that causes gun lovers across the country to release a collective sigh of indifference every time another AR-15 post or video is shared on a blog or social media. Despite being a reliable, affordable and not to mention badass weapon there’s only so many reviews, blogs and demonstrations a person can take before their interest wears thin.

If you’re feeling the effects of AR fatigue we have an antidote for your ailment right here! This video provides the five best alternatives to the AR platform. All the weapons reviewed are currently available and in production. Watch the video and see if it cures your AR fatigue.

Which weapon was your favorite? Share your pick in the comment section below!