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Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Need Vets For Their Man-Hunt Show

April 27, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, Matt Damon and good friend Ben Affleck have finally gotten the green light to create a reality show called “The Runner.”

The premise of the show is to have a singular “runner” make his or her way across the country in 30 days while making it to checkpoints and following an agenda. The runner will have to hide and inconspicuously make their way to each checkpoint while trying to avoid “the chasers.” The chasers will be made up of eight, two-person teams that will make efforts to capture the runner. They will receive clues and attempt to track the runner before they reach the next checkpoint. Audiences will be able to play along and provide tips that can help the chasers capture the runner for cash prizes. The show will have real time updates on go90 every day.

The show is seeking individuals that mainly have a military background since they have some of the skills and instincts necessary to do well in the game. The runners have to be excellent tacticians with great survival skills. They will also have to be self-reliant, street-smart and in excellent physical condition. The chasers will have to be intuitive, competitive, great at tracking and in great physical shape.  These attributes perfectly describe some of the characteristics of military servicemen.

The Runner was initially pitched to ABC back in 2000 by the two. Unfortunately, due to the aftermath of 9/11, the show never able to come to fruition. Again, the show was supposed to be revitalized in 2006 through Yahoo but due to financial and production issues, the show couldn’t fall into place. With the help of several executives, including their partners on Project Greenlight, the show is finally going to take place because the technology needed to optimize the shows potential is available.

The top prize for the show is one million dollars.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 28. Apply at

Do you think military vets are a great fit to do well in “The Runner?” We think so.