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10,000 Homes Destroyed – U.S Military Helps Post Japanese Earthquake Relief Efforts

April 22, 2016

The U.S. military has made efforts to help out with relief efforts in Japan after they were struck by two major earthquakes. On April 14, Japan was struck with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake and 28 hours later were struck by another one with a 7.3 magnitude. In the aftermath of the devastation, 48 people were killed and almost 1,200 people were injured.


United States Marine Corps pilot Chris Murray took up the assignment to aid in the relief by shipping over food, water and other emergency supplies. They are going back and forth between the nearby military base in central Japan and Minami-Aso, one of the most deeply affected areas by the quake.

Hundreds of military personnel are coming to aid in the relief efforts. More than 30 tons of supplies have been shipped from naval bases on the coast of Japan.

The Japanese, despite taking precautions for earthquakes, are not able to deal with the disaster themselves. Roughly ten thousand homes were destroyed and there are over 100,000 people living in centers for evacuation and shelters.

That’s a gigantic undertaking for any nation.

Landslides have destroyed many means of transportation, such as roadways and bridges.

To add to the already disastrous situation, Japan has dealt with torrential rain that is hindering relief efforts.

Two earthquakes in quick succession and of such magnitude has never been recorded in Japan.

However, there are signs that relief efforts are starting to really make a big impact in the area and according to Navy Captain Jeff Davis, “We are seeing a decrease in the number of requests for U.S. airlift and do expect that U.S. support operations should wrap up in the coming days.”

All the best to Japan and all those helping in the relief efforts.