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Watch a US soldier stand up for Muslim deli worker being harassed

Soldier Defends Muslim Worker (Jim Heath/YouTube)
March 20, 2016

American troops take an oath to defend everyone in this country, regardless of race, religion or any other classification.

When this American Army soldier went to a local deli, he witnessed a racist customer being a jerk and calling the Muslim worker a terrorist. He had no idea it was a staged interaction for the television show, “What Would You Do?”

(Jim Heath/YouTube)

The soldier tells the belligerent “customer” that he wears his uniform, so the Muslim has the right to practice his religion and be free. That extends to anyone that is a legal U.S. citizen.

The young customer, portrayed by an actor, tells the soldier declares that the deli worker is a Muslim. The soldier asks him if there is a problem and the customer repeats, “he is a Muslim.” The soldier then reminds the man that they live in America and he can have any religion he wants.

Watch his reaction…

The customer asks the soldier, “Aren’t you fighting against these guys?” The soldier answers back, “Not at the moment, right now I’m ordering a sandwich.”

When the customer said that he wants to place an order but doesn’t want it to be touched by a terrorist, the soldier tells him to put down his purchase and get out. The customer is stunned and almost confused by what he hears.

The customer appears to wonder why the serviceman would defend a Muslim who may represent terrorism. He seems shocked, but the soldier remains calm but very firm.

(Jim Heath/YouTube)

The soldier tells the customer, “You have the right to shop wherever you want to just like he has the right to practice the religion of his choice, now get out!”

It turns out that Meena, the Muslim deli worker, and Oliver, the belligerent customer, are part of a bigger picture. They are actors and this whole scene is part of “What Would You Do,” a TV show that airs on ABC and hosted by John Quiñones.

The show is known for using hidden cameras to see how people act when they see a situation where they could remain silent and mind their own business or speak up, like the soldier did.

Once John Quiñones enters the scene, he greets the soldier with a handshake and tells him that he is on “What Would You Do.” The soldier replies, “You gotta be kidding me.” He is informed that both guys were actors.

Quiñones tells him that many people would say the soldier’s actions were heroic, but the soldier disagrees. The soldier said, “Heroes come in many shapes and sizes but that wasn’t heroic at all. That was just being a person and standing up for someone else.” The soldier ends with, “If you’re an American, you’re an American.”