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U.S. Air Force Bombers Demonstrate What Could Be Coming For ISIS

March 31, 2016

Much has been made of Ted Cruz’s comments that called for “carpet bombing” ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq. However, many people have wondered what carpet bombing is and why everyone is so upset regarding these comments.


Carpet bombing, also known as saturation bombing, is a large aerial bombing done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area. The phrase evokes the image of explosions completely covering an area, in the same way that a carpet covers a floor. Carpet bombing is usually achieved by dropping many unguided bombs, like the ones here being dropped by B-1, B-2, and B-52 bombers. By using conventional, unguided munitions, everything within the effective radius of these munitions gets destroyed indistinguishably. Take a look.

Do you think carpet bombing is still a feasible strategy given the urban warfare settings? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below.