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WATCH: Navy SEAL shows how to identify tampering of your belongings

A Navy SEAL's 4 tips for hotel security. (100 DEADLY SKILLS/YouTube)
March 09, 2016

Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson has put together a list of “100 Deadly Skills” that he picked up while in the service. He’s written a book and put out videos detailing exactly how to do all of them.

One of the most important he has shared is how to detect the tampering of your belongings while staying at a hotel — especially one abroad.


Workers at hotels abroad often have side jobs of collecting information and items belonging to guests. They will do whatever their government asks of them and that just might be snooping around in your hotel room to see what you have to offer them.

Using items like lint, a coffee mug, and a compass, you can ensure everything you touch is secure when you leave for the day. Your smartphone is also a valuable tool. Emerson says to never ever leave anything of value behind when leaving your hotel for any amount of time while traveling abroad, but in the event that you have no choice, take a tip from the pros.

Check out the video below — it might come in handy:

One step is to place a coffee cup near the USB port of your laptop and use a compass on your mobile device to record its exact position. If someone tries to access your computer they will have to move it in order to gain entry, and the compass app will let you know if the cup has been moved.

Take a small piece of lint and place it on the edge of a drawer and then close the drawer. If the lint is gone when you return, then it signifies that someone moved it while invading your space.

Emerson says there is an app for your phone called Photo Trap that detects changes in the room. It worked by comparing a photo taken before you leave, with another photo taken when you return, then animates objects that have been moved.


Lastly, before walking out, hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside of the door and tuck an edge of the sign inside the closed door. This way you will know if someone has been in your room before you even enter it.

Breaches take place every day and you don’t want to become a victim, especially while traveling abroad. Just a few tips can ensure that you know what is going on all around you, when you’re there and even when you’re not.