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Tennessee Lawmaker Says That ISIS Should Be Able To Recruit On College Campuses

March 17, 2016

In what surely will be the most insane story you’ve heard all day, one lawmaker’s call to open campus dialogue to more points of view turned into a thumbs-up for the terror group ISIS to recruit at the University of Tennessee!


The bill was put forth by Representative Martin Daniel (R-18th District); House Bill 2063, called “The Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act.” In theory, the bill is a good one, requiring college campuses to adopt policies that allow students to exercise their First Amendment rights.

In the era of “safe spaces” and speakers getting run off campus for disagreeing with the liberal majority, this bill seemed like it may just be passed.

Rep. Daniel spoke on his bill during a House Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee meeting in which he cited a rule at Middle Tennessee State University that requires a permit be given 5 days in advance of any literature being handed out on campus. He also said the school encourages bias reporting, stating:

“They have a web page devoted entirely to bias reporting. What is that? Do they have people sitting in a room somewhere taking in bias reporting incidents?”

“I’m not seeing a lot of encouragement to express one’s self on college campuses in the state of Tennessee. I’m hearing a lot of ‘Don’t say this because it might offend someone’.

Rep. Daniel’s speech caused Rep. John DeBerry to stand up and ask:

“Should someone be able to stand in the market place or in the town square at University of Tennessee, University of Memphis… and recruit for ISIS?”

Rep. Daniel adamantly replied:

“Yes. So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceeding on that campus, yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.”

Was he caught up in the moment or was he dead serious? To even lightly suggest that a terrorist organization, who’s expressed goal is to wipe America off the planet and bring about end times, should be free to recruit on a college campus is insanity.

Additionally, it in no way would be protected by the First Amendment. In fact, Rep. Daniel may want to brush up on his history. The man behind much of the Constitution, James Madison declared war on Britain for doing just that.

The British were continually recruiting American sailors in ports from Providence to Charleston – many times against their will. Were these Brits able, under the First Amendment, to coax Americans into fighting in their navy; which make no mistake, was an effort to crumble the U.S. from within?

…Didn’t think so.

Check out the news report below (may not work on all devices):

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