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Self defense video on how to thwart a rifle being pointed at you from close range

An instructor demonstrates how to properly disarm someone with an assault rifle. (Pastorlarazabal/YouTube)
March 01, 2016

Very few scenarios are scarier than staring down the barrel of a gun – especially when that gun is a rifle. Fortunately, there are a few steps a person can take in order to properly defuse the situation and escape unharmed.

An instructional video posted to YouTube shows a few different techniques one might be able to apply in order to not only remove him or herself from the line of fire, but maybe even gain complete control over the situation in a reversal of power.

An instructor demonstrates how to properly disarm someone with a rifle. (Pastorlarazabal/YouTube)

The video shows three different scenarios a person might face when encountering an individual with a rifle. In the first example, the instructor demonstrates how a person might be able to gain control over a gun when he or she is being aimed at from point blank range.

Check out the instructional video in its entirety below:

“If you’re in a situation and he’s on the side of you, what you want to do is quickly throw this out,” this instructor explains as he pushes the barrel of the gun away.

“When you throw out, go forward, grab the handle and kick him,” the instructor demonstrates. In just a few swift motions, the rifle has changed hands and the attacker is incapacitated.

An instructor demonstrates how to properly disarm someone with a rifle. (Pastorlarazabal/YouTube)

In another demonstration, the instructor shows a unique technique that allows a person to gain control over the rifle and quickly shoot any other potential threats that might be surrounding him.

“Now let’s say you have a lot of guys and you need to quickly take the gun away from him and shoot as many enemies as possible,” the instructor says, as he once again shows how to snatch the gun away. The instructor then demonstrates how a person could even start firing with the riffle in an inopportune position.

An instructor demonstrates how to properly disarm someone with a rifle. (Pastorlarazabal/YouTube)

Finally, the instructor also explains what to do when a gun is pointed at one’s back.

“What you want to do is feel that tip,” he says, referring to the barrel of the gun. “Once you feel it, come to the outside and the gun will discharge.” The instructor demonstrates how the technique allows a person to move the gun away and strike the attacker with his own weapon before it changes hands.

While every situation is unique, these tips are certainly useful to have if one every finds him or herself in an emergency.