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Op-Ed: It’s Time For A Contract To Protect America

March 28, 2016

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We might be tired of fighting ISIS, but they are not tired of us.

Paris and Brussels were just the beginning. We have to wake up. ISIS has declared war on the West. The most recent attacks in Brussels, Belgium are a reminder that ISIS is on the march. They are pursuing an apocalyptic campaign of violence that will not end in Western Europe, but right here in our neighborhoods.


These aren’t isolated attacks. They are part of a much broader campaign. Their relentless assault on Europe is underpinned by a form of ‘stealth jihad’ known as Hijra, which enables radical Muslims to take over Western Europe by steady and determined immigration and population displacement – which has been happening in Europe for years. But, that’s just the beginning.

Complex, large-scale attacks will follow…in droves. Now that all the pieces are in place through this steady migration of fighters and supporters of radical Islam, ISIS can pull the trigger on large-scale attacks across Western Europe. As I write this, a range of open sources are reporting that ISIS is actively targeting nuclear facilities in Europe.

This determined campaign fuels an extreme reaction from Europeans. Nationalism, even a re-emergence of the Nazi Party, is emerging as an extreme counterweight to this growing Islamist influence and the debilitating fear that ISIS infuses in local European communities. This is just what ISIS wants.

This fear and visceral reaction to ISIS violence adds even more fuel to the growing narrative flame that “that Islam is under attack by the West, and it’s the duty of every Muslim to defend it.” ISIS is creating the manufactured holy war they desperately need to fulfill their apocalyptic prophesy of an end of days battle between Western Crusaders and Jihadiis in Dabiq, Syria. This European crisis should be a wake-up call for us, but it’s not…we just gasp briefly at what we’re seeing then go back to watching the Bachelor or the latest 2016 political antics of the day.

For Americans we need to be careful if we think that this problem is just reserved for Western Europe. It’s dangerous to believe ISIS will stay ‘across the pond’ and the massacre in San Bernardino was just workplace violence. The fact is ISIS and al Qa’ida view the U.S. as the ‘Far Satan’ and it won’t be long before they turn their sights back on us.

The mistakes made in Western Europe that allowed this out-of-control influence of ISIS, are the same mistakes we’re making here today.

Head in the sand strategies from the Obama Administration won’t cut it. Neither will the failed counter-insurgency campaign of the Bush years. We’ve been fighting this enemy for 15 years and losing. Worse, our politicians, Republican and Democrat, are using the same failed methods we’ve used since this war started, putting our kids and their future more at risk.

It’s time for Americans like you and me to take action…our non-profit Mission America is leading the charge with the Contract to Protect America.

Watch this short animation video to see how you can demand a strategy that ISIS fears the most.

I am not waiting any longer for our so-called leaders to do the right thing. For the rest of the 2016 election year, Mission America will take this initiative to the American People and to our national politicians. We will gain 1 million American signatures on this Contract to Protect America in order to demand strategy change. But we need you.

We need Americans across the country to sign the contract and spread the word on this grass roots movement, in order to demand change in this war.

The 10 points contained in the Contract to Protect America are not lofty theory, but rather practical measures contained in Scott Mann’s best-selling book Game Changers, that were forged in combat by special operators, law enforcement and other warriors.

These are the steps that work and will defeat ISIS. This is not a Republican or Democrat Issue. This is an American Issue.

Sign the contract, share it with your tribe, and help us spread the word on this grass roots initiative and preserve our future. Time is not on our side.

Scott Mann is a retired Green Beret and CEO and Founder of Mission America. His best-selling book Game Changers, examines new ways to defeat violent extremists where they live and work, with less U.S. blood and treasure, with a call to all citizens to demand policy and strategy change toward winning this war.