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Op-Ed: Hamas’ U.S. Power Brokers: ISIS Czar Rob Malley, George Soros, And J Street

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With so much ado in U.S. politics and its dominating the media, not much attention was paid to a recent visitor at the White House; that visitor being none other than George Soros. Why does this latest visit of his matter? It’s not so much visiting the White House as it is who he was visiting and for what reason.


In early October 2015, Mr. Soros visited the White House to meet with President Obama’s future ISIS czar, Mr. Robert Malley. The very same Robert Malley who is known to be a Hamas sympathizer and was fired in 2008 by President Obama himself for his involvement with Hamas, the terror group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and who the United States deemed a terror group in 1997.

Robert Malley is no stranger to controversy, especially in 2001 when he co-authored, “Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors,” a piece that squarely put the blame on Israel for the failed 2000 Israel-Palestine peace talks at Camp David and served as another linchpin for anti-Semitic publications, Holocaust deniers, and Palestinian/Arab activists thus further inflaming tensions in the Middle East (Malley’s 2001 Camp David piece completely contradicts and is inconsistent with those who were there in attendance: President Bill Clinton, Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross).

During President Obama’s 2008 campaign, Robert Malley served as one of his campaign advisers whilst he continued his work with International Crisis Group. The very same group that led to President Obama firing him over his direct involvement of negotiations with terror group Hamas and the very same group that George Soros sits on the board of directors for, then and now. It only seems logical that President Obama relieved him of his campaign duties in 2008, but why rehire a know terrorist sympathizer as ISIS czar in 2015? Two words: George Soros.

George Soros and Robert Malley have a bit more of a history then what meets the public eye; Mr. Soros has had Mr. Malley in his ‘employ’ for many years through two organizations that Soros is directly affiliated with: International Crisis Group and J Street. This is of particular importance because both groups engage in ‘plausible deniability’ on the public stage regarding their disdain for the state of Israel and yet the opposite is true regarding the support for the terrorist group Hamas; a sworn enemy of Israel.

Of the latter, J Street is the brain-child of Soros with a carefully crafted facade leading one to believe that its main purpose is supporting a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine when evidence to the contrary exists.  J Street touts itself as pro-Israel and pro-Jewish outwardly, but remove the veneer and the truth is exposed.  If J Street was truly in the business of protecting Israel’s best interests, then why are they coming to the defense of Palestine time after time as Palestine/Hamas continue attacks on Israel and her people?  This tiny Jewish state is surrounded by Arab/Muslim countries, most of whom have friendly relations with Israel, but they also have terrorist groups and those terrorist groups are now making deals amongst each other thus further putting the security of Israel at risk.

Whilst J Street continues its facade of supporting Israel, George Soros will be behind the scenes as usual orchestrating his will through his money and influence just like he did in October 2015 during his trip to the White House. A trip he made to ensure his beloved new lap dog, Robert Malley, would continue to fall in line with his ideals before accepting the position as ISIS czar (there’s no telling what was in it for President Obama if he appointed Malley despite firing him in 2008). An ISIS czar who sympathizes with Hamas, a terror group that’s been designated as such for nearly 20 years. A terror group who has U.S. power brokers doing its lobbying for them on U.S. soil right in the White House itself unabashed and unabated.