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Marine gives hilarious jargon-filled moto speech that every vet will appreciate

Marine speech (Lenard Hernandez/Youtube)
March 25, 2016

Think Cpl. Rabbi has heard one or two moto speeches in his life? He has his brother Marines howling with this top-notch imitation.

Take a listen and get a glimpse into military life, or reminisce of days in the Marines or Army.

Cpl. Rabbi opens with don’t shoot the messenger as he relays a briefing that comes from the higher ups.

He reminds them of an upcoming urine test and the need for hydration 15 minutes before.

“We (the Marines) have been doing this for 230 years and we all know what needs to happen,” he says. “We need a no shi* roster for this dog and pony show.”


(Lenard Hernandez/Youtube)

“You guys need to stay motivated and don’t be nasty or you will be just like the Army,” he jokes.

“I’m not going to treat you guys like children, we are all adults, we are Marines, and we have all been to boot camp,” he adds. “Crawl, walk, run, that’s what Marines do. We are here to get a baseline and every Marine is rifling.”

“Don’t get wrapped around the axle by trying to think outside the box cause you set yourself up for failure,” he says.

“You are your brothers’ keeper so if you see a Marine out here that’s lost in the sauce, you need to walk that dog on.”

Safety is paramount and every Marine is a safety officer, right?

“We are out here to get some no shi* training and you need to maintain a positive mental attitude,” he tells them.

“Remember, false motivation is better than …,” he says, allowing the Marines to reply. They respond, “it’s better than no motivation!”

Check out the speech in the video below:

Toward the end of the video, he speaks on gear accountability, making sure they all know not to leave their guns laying around. “Look out for the Marine to the left and right of you cause he is a good piece of gear,” he says.

He says, “this isn’t my first rodeo, were all gonna get complacent around here. It’s gonna happen. I have seen it.”

“We need to stay squared away, police our areas, and make sure we are passing word. If not, I’m gonna micro manage the shi* out of you!” he warns.

He adds that fellow Marines should never be caught talking on their cell phones.

(Lenard Hernandez/Youtube)

“Marines don’t be walking around with your hands in your pocket like your back in the block, eating chow like a bunch of nasties,” he tells them. “And for f***** sake, wear your glow belts!”

In closing, he reminds them that they all signed up for this “gun club” so do the right thing when nobody’s watching.

And as far as smoking spice goes, he says, “if I can’t smoke spice, then you can’t smoke it either.”