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Iran’s Special Forces Dispatched To Iraq And Syria In An “Advisor” Role

March 25, 2016

In a press briefing in Tehran, the Deputy Chief Liaison of the the Iranian Army’s Ground Force, General Ali Arasteh, told reporters that the idea of sending Iranian special forces (Quds Force) into Syria and Iraq as advisors is a strong possibility.  He said,


At some point we might decide to use our commandos and snipers as military advisers in Iraq and Syria.”

The first group of Iranian commandos and snipers are currently being trained for this ‘advisory’ role for when Iran decides to send them to Iraq and Syria in the future (Iranian leadership states they are currently providing Iraq and Syria humanitarian aid and military advisors to aid in the fight against terrorists)

The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, Major General Qassem Suleimani said that “Takfiri” terrorism ‘threatens all Muslims, and Iran has waged war on those terrorists that trade enslaved women and children.’ He said,

The fire of Takfir and Takfirism has engulfed in homes of our Sunni brothers. Those behind this are under the illusion that they can bring Shiism and the Islmaic Republic to their knees. More than anywhere elese, Takfiri groups have targetted the sanctity of humanity and the Sunni world.

The general then went on to directly address those who were questioning Iran’s policy on the war on terror,

Is it adventurism if the Islamic Republic makes sacrifices to defend Muslims? Is it wrong for the Islamic Republic to battle a group that in just one region is buying and selling some 20,000 unfortunate enslaved young women? Is it wrong for the Islamic Republic to stand against the anti-Muslim current and stop the demolition of Mosques and Muslim holy sites?

General Suleimani remarks on fighting ‘Takfir terrorism’ comes just days after secret meetings with terror group Hamas who has been trying to get back into Iran’s good graces for a while now. This move signals further posturing by Iran and not what Iran wants us to believe that this is strictly an ‘advisory’ role. A country doesn’t send its commandos to “advise,” they send them to seek and destroy.

Is this move by Iran to send commandos to Iraq and Syria a facade or is it what they say it is, an “advisor” role? Sound off in the comments below!