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Here Is What We Know So Far About The Brussels Terrorists

March 23, 2016

Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Brussels is barely a day old and already a wave of new information has come out regarding those that carried out the attacks.


First and foremost, the names of the terrorists have been released and they include a shocker…two of the suicide bombers were brothers! The duo’s names are: Khalid El Bakraoui, Ibrahim El Bakraoui. Ibrahim died with his bomb at the airport while Khalid was responsible for the metro bombing.

The infamous “Man in White”, called that due to what he was wearing in CCTV footage, is a master bomb maker named Najim Laachraoui. He was active during the Paris bombings and has been a wanted man for the 4 months he has hidden out in Brussels. He is still at large.

The large bag he is seen wheeling through the terminal in CCTV is said to have contained the largest bomb of the entire attack but, by the grace of God, did not detonate.

Reports that the 4th bomber walking alongside Ibrahim with a detonation glove on his left hand, has not yet been identified.

Additionally, there was an additional bomb that was left at home after the terrorists realized they could not fit all of the massive bags they were carried in, in the cab. The driver of that cab became suspicious, especially after they refused to let him handle their bags, and called the police.

Police have since raided the home, finding the extra bomb, and other information on the terrorists.

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Authorities are also hunting a man by the name of Mohamed Abrini, he’s a close friend of both Laachraoui and Salah Abdeslam, the recently arrested Paris mastermind.

What is interesting about these men is that they were previous criminals. Brothers Khalid, 27, and Ibrahim,30, were thugs with a long rap sheet of crime.

Khalid went to jail for five years beginning in early 2011 for car jacking and possessing an AK-47. Ibrahim was sentenced to nine years in prison back in 2010 after shooting a police officer with a Kalashnikov, a popular weapon for ISIS terrorists.

It was Khalid’s apartment, rented under an alias that was raided last week and lead to the arrest of Salah Abdeslam. Khalid is believed to have escaped during a shootout with authorities. As for Ibrahim and when/how he got out of prison early, it is unclear.

Laachraoui’s story is a bit more intricate. Here is what the Daily Mail reported on him:

Najim Laachraoui, who is believed to have gone on the run after Paris logistics chief Salah Abdeslam’s capture.

Laachraoui reportedly travelled to Syria in February 2013 and was stopped by guards at the Austria-Hungary border on September 9 last year while driving a rented Mercedes he shared with Salah Abdesalam, according to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor.

The pair were also travelling with Mohamed Belkaid, 35, the man shot and killed during the raid to capture Abdelslam on Friday.

It is thought Laachraoui was not stopped as he was using a drivers licence under a different name and traveled to Budapest twice in September 2015.

On this instance, the three men had posed as tourists heading to Vienna on holiday and did not raise suspicions when they were stopped by police.

Laachraoui was also captured on CCTV with Belkaid four days after the attacks during a money transfer in a Western Union bank in the Brussels area.

How many total do you think are involved in this? Hundreds? Sound off in the comments below!