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HeliBacon Is A Real Company That Hog-Hunts From Helicopters With Machine Guns (VIDEO)

March 18, 2016

There’s no way to defend this as hunting. But that’s not the purpose. Wild hogs get overpopulated pretty quickly in the south and gulf states, and helicopter eradication of hogs in areas that are frankly, overrun with hogs, is effective.


It’s called crowd-control and it is needed.

Hogs can destroy farms, crops, run cattle off and more, threatening the livelihood of businesses and sometimes even whole towns. It’s a real problem in certain parts of the south. HeliBacon is a high-profile company that offers these services. They are in Texas. While this costs $850 an hour it does help with hog control so they don’t overrun certain areas. The companies usually give you great gear to use too.

They’ve made great, and sometimes hilarious promo videos with hot girls, guns, hogs and helicopters. And HeliBacon has 150,000+ fans on Facebook (obviously).

A real-time video:

Here’s a promo video they made of a lovely female getting up, cooking bacon then showing how she got the bacon. Hint: She shot it from a helicopter.

What do you think about HeliBacon?