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Check Out This New Bazooka That Takes Down Drones With A Giant Net

March 07, 2016

As drones become more frequent in our skies and are caught encroaching on some of our governments’ most secure areas, we are in need of an effective, powerful, and cost effective way of stopping these drones in their tracks.


Enter the SkyWall 100, the portable bazooka-like weapon that fires a massive net to take down any threatening drone. Here’s some of what the company has to say about how it works:

The SkyWall concept is simple; physically capture a drone in a net and bring it to the ground safely under a parachute. Physically capturing a drone is the best way to ensure control of a situation is maintained. Once captured it can be impounded, forensically investigated or simply handed back with some words of education where appropriate. Perhaps more importantly, the potential legal implications of damaging the pilot’s property (drone) are mitigated.

Check it out in action:

Will these be more commonly used in the future? Sound off in the comments below!