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Boxing showdown: US Marine v. British SAS commando

British SAS vs USA Marine (Funniest Boxing/YouTube)
March 04, 2016

In the “Commando Knock-Out Challenge” a U.S. Marine squares up against a British SAS Commando and man do they go at each other. In case you are wondering how the two match up, the British SAS is reasonably compared to the U.S. Delta Force. One well-known member SAS that you may recognize is the host of Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls. Grylls was a trooper, survival instructor and patrol medic in the SAS in the 90s.

The British SAS member is Lance Corporal Carl Richardson, five foot nine inches and 171 pounds wearing camouflaged pants. He is a fitness trainer and just completed his service. For the U.S. Marine Recon, Matthew Ortiz, five foot eleven inches and weighing in at 168 pounds. Keep in mind, the boxers have zero training and no preparation at all. This is their first time in the ring.

(Funniest Boxing/YouTube)

Before the match starts, Richardson said, “I’m gonna bring America back to Britain and show [them] who’s boss.”

Ortiz responded with, “We kicked the British out once — and we’ll do it again.”

Check it out:

With a full house ready for round one, the match begins. The Brit is taking control early and Ortiz is looking tired. Richardson pushes Ortiz down but he rises back up, only to sustain a couple heavy blows. Round one is over, and it looks like Richardson took this one, although because there was no knockdown, they are officially calling it a tie.

All of the fights in this event are three rounds at one and a half minutes each with no scoring by the judges until there is a knockout and the spar is over.

As the fighters enter round two, the commentators say they believe a knockout is coming soon. At this point, Richardson is just pulverizing Ortiz, who is not doing much other than covering up and cowering to the blows delivered by Richardson.

(Funniest Boxing/YouTube)

Ortiz looks dazed and one final blow to the kidney ends the fight as Ortiz crumbles to the ground. The Brits are now on top of the team competition. The fans aren’t happy since the majority are from the U.S. It is officially announced that the winner is British SAS LCpl Carl Richardson by a TKO. Final score is World two and the USA, one.

The boxing that they are engaging in is not an indication of their overall skill in combat or as a military service member. The Commando Knockout Challenge started in 1998, and was hosted by Universal Warriors, a U.S. based company with a relatively unknown background at the time. The idea was to get the finest members of the military from across the globe to compete. The prize for the USA vs the World boxing match was a ring shaped like the Pentagon, according to the Business Insider.